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About Us

Supporting Homes in Light of Tradition

Our Story

The humble beginnings of Sanctum Ioseph began during the years of trial. Churches, eateries, and other places of comfort and recreation shut down throughout the world.  Families were restricted to the homes and a life of isolation.  Faithful families began finding refuge in the homes of others and extended their blessings to those in need.  One such family is the founders of Sanctum Ioseph.  They saw the urgent need of strengthening the community support.  In prayer and discernment, they offered the corporation to the guidance of Holy Joseph, the patron and protector of the Holy Mother Church and families.  

Sanctum Ioseph aims to provide gatherings that focus on faith and home life in light of tradition; where homes can assist the faithful in prayer and camaraderie.

The Four Pillars of S.I.

I. Faith    II.Interior Life    III. Community    IV. Sacred Tradition


Faith is the truths revealed by God through Scripture & tradition; the virtue in which we assent to these truths.

Interior Life is a life of prayer and practice of living in the presence of God; seeks God in everything. 


Community is a group of people that share interests, attitudes and goals.


Sacred Tradition is the spoken Word; faithfully preserves and transmits the entirety of the Gospel.

The Founding

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