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Recommendations of the Month

While being active in finding sources that will assist the community of faithful, Sanctum Ioseph Foundation, Inc. obtained affiliation with Tan Books and Sophia Institute Press. Proceeds from every order will allow Sanctum Ioseph Foundation, Inc. to further pursue projects in light of Faith, Interior Life, Community, & Tradition. Click on each picture to find out more about the recommendations of the month.  Through Tan Books, enter the Promo Code: SANCTUM15 in order to receive a 15% discount on any order and to support Sanctum Ioseph Foundation, Inc.

Featured Video

by Adrian Montes

February 2024

Adrian reflects on the role that the faithful has in the Church.  He uses his life experiences to express the blessings that can be had in sharing ourselves with others in need.   He encourages the faithful to open their homes to pray with others and to begin now.  (If the video does not play, wait 10 seconds or refresh your browser).   

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