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Monastery of Santo Toribio

III. Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day

This is the day to offer time for the Heavenly Father who loves you.

Attend service in honor of God.
Be joyful and peaceable.
Avoid hard labor.
Spend quality time with loved ones, friends, or neighbors and be of service to one another.
Read and learn more about God, our Heavenly Father.
Avoid bad company.
Avoid frivolity.
Avoid sinful media.


Here are excerpts from Catholic resources to assist us in the understanding of this Commandment:

  • The Sabbath was a joyous festival for the Jewish people, because on that day they were delivered from Egyptian bondage. 

  • The seventh day is the Sabbath; thou shalt do no work on it.

  • We are bound on Sunday to abstain from servile work and to assist at the public Mass; moreover, to employ this day in providing for the salvation of our soul; approaching the sacraments, by prayer, hearing sermons, reading spiritual books, and performing works of mercy.

  • St. Justin (139A.D.) is the first to make use of the word Sunday: it is a name befitting the day whereon the Lord, like the rising sun, rose from the grave int he brilliance of His glorified humanity.

  • The work permitted on holydays of obligation is works of mercy; light work; reasonable recreation; occupations of intellectual nature.

  • Servile work if done for more than two to three hours can be a grievous sin.

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