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Stone Wall


March Newsletter 2023

Since its founding, Sanctum Ioseph Foundation has embraced its mission to serve & gather the families in light of tradition. It is essential that as we seek to live out the gospel in the world today that we include others in this mission. Can we deny the assistance of the Simons of Cyrene we need to bear our crosses? Read more here >


100 % Beeswax Candles

Dear Friends in Christ,

These candles have been used by our family for seven years! Every year during Candlemas, we bring these candles to Mass to be blessed. The beeswax comes from the Appalachian Mountains and has a fine burn. We light a candle on our home altar every day during morning and evening prayers. 100% beeswax candles have a lovely natural fragrance that comes from a collection of flower pollen that bees gather. Read more >


December Newsletter 2022

Blessed Advent Season! It is almost two years since the founding date of Sanctum Ioseph Foundation. In the very beginning was a thought to secure a sizable land for the faithful community that can be used for many, especially during times of uncertainty. Then followed an effort to get that land. As we know, the Will of God is more perfect than our own. Read more. >

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